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How do I select the right blind for me?

by Neil Myatt on 05/14/12

At UK-Blinds.Net, we offer a hughe range of window blinds to suit every taste and budget. However, this can pose a slight problem - with such a huge selection, where to start choosing the right blind for you!

There are advantages and disadvantages to each blind, so this guide should help you understand a little more of each blind type, and how they may or may not be suitable for you.

  • Vertical Blinds - These are the most popular choice of blind, and consist of thin (3.5 or 5" drapes) that hang vertically. We offer fabrics in hundreds of different colours and patterns, and the budget ranges are the most cost-effective of all our ranges. They can be angled to allow light in whilst still maintaining privacy, opened right out to enjoy the window view or completely closed at night-time or on a sunny day. The main disadvantage is that they take up most of the window ledge space, meaning photo frames and plants/vases need to be moved!
  • Roller Blinds - These are a continues sheet of fabric that covers the window, and rolls up and down on an aluminium barrell. These free up the window ledge space, and are again available in hundreds or colours. However, the ability to tilt them is not there, they are either 'up' or 'down'.
  • Venetian Blinds - These are made from either aluminium or wood, and consist of horizontal strips in sizes 25, 35, 50 or 63mm. These are easy to clean, can be tilted and save window ledge space. However, they do collect dust easily, so regular cleaning is needed, and dont have the same colour/pattern ranges as vertical or roller blinds.
  • Roman Blinds - These are a fabric blind, which folds up on itself as it is lifted. These look stunning, but are towards the most expensive end of our blind ranges. They save window ledge space, but cannot be tilted.
  • Perfect-Fit Blinds - These are a fantastic new innovation, which consists of either a roller, pleated or venetian blinds that comes within a frame that simply clips onto the window frame. These look fantastic and work really well in conservatories, and do not require any drilling on the window pvc. The only slight drawback is that one blind is required per glass pane, so more blinds are required that if selecting traditional blinds.

To get more in depth advice on selecting the right blind for you, please call us today on 07764758159!


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